Americans with Disabilities: the Ultimate Swing Vote

With this election (finally!) drawing to a close, I want to talk about a voting bloc I haven't heard discussed much: Americans with disabilities. According to a recent poll,  51% of Americans either have a disability or have a family member or a close friend with one.  In total, nearly 63 million voters either:  a) have a disability or  b) live with someone who does.  That’s 1/4 of eligible voters.  For the 2016 election, over 35 million... Read More
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SSDI: Insurance vs. Income

Across the web I see people write SSDI as "Social Security Disability Income." And it's totally wrong.  The "I" in SSDI stands for "insurance," because that's what it is. You pay into SSDI as a member of the workforce. It comes out of your pay, and it's meant to cover you in case something goes wrong and you're disabled before retirement.  But it does make sense a lot of people mistake it for "income." It's a... Read More
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The Most Common Disability Claim Is Invisible

The most common disability claim in America is for muscle, back, and joint disorders, like arthritis and lower back pain. In 2013, these disabilities accounted for 28.6% of new claims and 28.7% of already-existing claims. That same year, the entire disability program came under fire from Congress, which wanted to know why there were so many cases. They questioned whether the people receiving the benefits were really disabled or just claiming to be in pain. But anyone who has... Read More
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SSDI and Diabetes

As a Memphis SSDI lawyer , I know diabetes cases well. It's one of the most common causes of disability that keeps people from working.  Many people are able to control their diabetes for a while through medication and diet. But as they get older, their bodies can't fight as hard and they may experience dozens of complications, like: loss of vision organ damage heart disease stroke kidney disease and a loss of blood flow to the limbs. These... Read More
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How Much Does an SSDI Lawyer Charge?

Social Security Disability lawyers are limited by law on what they can charge. If they're successful with your case, they're allowed 25% of your  past-due  benefits, up to a maximum of $6,000. That means your attorney doesn't receive anything from your future SSDI benefits, so there's nothing to lose moving forward. The vast majority of SSDI applications are denied the first time around. But studies show time and again having an SSDI lawyer raises your chances... Read More
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It's Pain Awareness Month: Chronic Pain and Disability

September is Pain Awareness Month, which organizers hope will draw attention to an extremely common health problem.  Chronic pain can be totally devastating and also totally invisible. It's likely you know someone who experiences it, even if they haven't told you about it. In fact,  more people in the US experience chronic pain than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined.  A number of health issues can cause severe chronic pain, including: lupus... Read More
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Can You Apply for SSDI Over Obesity?

Can You Apply for SSDI if You're Obese? Many people who suffer from obesity apply successfully for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  But to qualify, obesity alone might not be enough. You usually have to show other health issues, too, that impact your ability to work. These other issues could be related to obesity – for example, diabetes or heart conditions – or caused by something else entirely.  This limitation was created in 1999 because the... Read More
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When You Have a Minor Disability

There's no scientific definition of a "minor disability." It can include anything from tremors, to chronic dull pain, to having only three toes on one foot. And the variety of issues involved can make it difficult to understand how disability benefits work. First, a lot of people with chronic health issues or rare health problems don't call themselves "disabled." They don't want to feel society's judgement, and often they... Read More
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The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Did you know that 70% of first-time Social Security Disability claims are denied? You’ve spent years paying into the Social Security system, and you can no longer work because of a medical condition. Having your Social Security Disability application denied can be more than frustrating: it can make it impossible to pay your bills! On top of that, the Social Security Disability appeals process can be confusing, but we’re here to help you understand the system. 1. Find a... Read More
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See My Appearance on FOX13 Discussing Memphis Disability Question

I was happy to speak with Fox13 this week about a Memphis disability question: a disabled student who doesn't have access at school to a proper restroom. While I don't handle ADA claims like the one this young woman might have, I do handle disability insurance (SSDI) claims - claims that you need Social Security because you can no longer work due to a disability. As a Memphis Social Security Disability lawyer , I know how much this process, like so many others, can make life very hard... Read More
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